How Important Is Commitment?

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Commitment is a HUGE word to most, because ultimately it means sticking to our guns and pushing through obstacles along the way.  Commitment can be taken in two very different ways though...  It can be a mere persistence in driving forward, keeping to the path, being flexible only to stay on that path.  It can also be directed towards the commitments we keep on our daily schedules, which can easily be strayed from.  Since I am in the Real Estate industry I will relay an example in relation to being an agent.  Lets say as an agent Ive committed to a family event whether it be a birthday, dinner or alike.  I then receive a call from a client wanting to see a property at the exact same time as my planned family event.  An agent who is truly in control of their business will relay to the client that they are unavailable during that time and reschedule to an alternate.  This is very controversial considering many agents believe that the client comes first no matter what, in which I disagree.  When hiring an agent, one who sticks to their commitments is much more likely to provide a quality service than an agent who scattered willing to go wherever the money is.