Its about relationships and People, Not Numbers!

Did you get your calls in?  How many doors did you knock?  Whats your conversion ratio?  These are questions which plague a Real Estate agents life when entering into the industry.  All too often clients are treated as a number or statistic rather than a person...  Without a doubt there are some great agents out there, who take the time serving their clients to the best of their ability.    Unfortunately too many Real Estate brokerages are driven by increasing theirs numbers of transactions, agents, and profit instead of building relationships and providing quality services.  We live in a day and age where empowering others is becoming a true key in success and growth in a business and thats what The Space Agency is dead set on doing!  We don't throw our agents into a funnel-like training course, only meant to pour out the few who are willing to mimic the process.  We believe in mentorship from an agent who has had success in the industry, who is excited about passing along the knowledge.  Through focusing on relationships over numbers, we believe a better quality of service not only to the client but also our agents.